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The role of CKvision Builder in 2D and 3D

Time:2020-03-17  Source:未知

On December 11th, 2018, the VisionCon(ACT International)and Vision System Design(Vision Systems Design China) magazine hosting, sponsored by act international and vision systems design China, was held at Marco Polo good day hotel in Shenzhen,During the meeting, Mr. Zhang Tao, director of vision application of CkVision, gave a speech on "the role of CKvision Builder in 2D and 3D", subverting people's new definition of Machine Vision software.

During the speech, Mr. Zhang Tao introduced the powerful new functions of CkVision software to the guests in the industry, and vividly described various applications of CkVision  in visual projects with examples. The 3D detection of CkVision perfectly made up the limitations of 2D detection.            
CkVision has rich tools and functions. A complex Machine Vision inspection project can be completed by simply combining various tools. CK's CkVision general Machine Vision software is widely used and well received by customers.



Scene map of hot meeting




Hot exchange site after the meeting


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