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China International Industrial Exposition

Time:2020-03-17  Source:未知

On September 19th, the five-day China (Shanghai) International Industrial Expo kicked off. On the first day of the Expo, there were a lot of people. The 7.1h where the Expo is located became the most popular venue. In particular, booth 7.1h and F183 of the exhibition hall.

The popularity of this year's China (Shanghai) International Industrial Exposition is quite good, so the comrades who plan to go to the exhibition should prepare in advance。 What to do if you want to go to the exhibition without tickets? Too many people handle tickets on site? You can make an appointment in advance by scanning the code。 You can make an appointment in one minute without admission。 Hurry up。

How can I do if I am tired of visiting the exhibition? CkVision sincerely invites you to visit our exhibition stand! Come to the exhibition stand to talk to our CkVision gods for a while, have a rest. There are water, bread and small gifts here. You can take customers and friends to chat, charge your mobile phone, and deposit some heavy materials......           
What? Work matters? In 2003, CkVision set up a technology group to carry out image algorithm research. In 2005, we registered a company with a registered capital of 5 million yuan. Through the unremitting efforts of dozens of engineers and algorithm experts of the company, CkVisionLib, the first high-performance Machine Vision software package in China, has been successfully developed and applied in different fields. The software products launched at that time filled the gaps in relevant industries in China. If you want to cooperate with us, take over any visual projects. Let me tell you in secret that our boss is at the booth. Besides, our CkVision has a professional and powerful business team to evaluate the project and determine the project plan. There is also a professional technical team to escort our project.

Now let me show you the wonderful moment of today's exhibition:

There are 15 display platforms, including various detection functions

Wow,It depends on the serious and responsible appearance of our CkVision's handsome guys.Watch out:

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