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CkVision 2017 campus publicity meeting

Time:2020-03-17  Source:未知

On November 6th, 2017, CkVision and Heyuan vocational and technical college jointly held a special job fair for graduates,           
During the presentation, the culture, products and career planning of CkVision were introduced. The hot development of Machine Vision industry and the advantages of products and enterprises of CkVision have greatly attracted the attention and interest of students in school. After the lecture, CkVision and college students face to face exchanged the development and trend of Machine Vision industry. This is also the first time that CkVision has invested olive branch in Vocational and technical colleges, which also shows that CkVisionBuilder software, which is not programmed by CkVision, has greatly reduced the threshold for application-oriented talents. It greatly reduces the cost of using enterprises for personnel training. After the lecture, a large number of college students are willing to join in CkVision, and the activity ends successfully.




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